The Worst College Food In America For 2012

You know the stereotype of college food being comparable to prison fare? Well, several colleges and universities across the nation are serving grub that convicts just might turn their noses up at. We looked at the 10 worst schools for college dining — as reported by the Princeton Review — and decided to see what was available, what was lacking, and what, if anything, is being done about it.

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These schools were selected for this list by the very consumers dependent on the food — the students — and it's clear that the people have spoken. We reached out to the dining services teams at the institutions on this list, but none of them responded. The home of the worst college dining in the nation featured dishes filled with surprise ingredients — and we don't mean caramel-filled desserts, maple scones with bacon, or a plastic baby inside a king cake. There, students have found insects and products you can buy at Home Depot and Staples in their meals. Yes, nails and office supplies. True story.


Health violations from the schools on this list are both plentiful and legitimately terrifying. From evidence of mice and roaches to a lack of access to the hand-washing area for food servers, these spots desperately need to up their game — if they want to get a passing grade from students. In addition to food that is just plain dangerous, there were complaints of a lack of variety, unreasonable pricing — and even a lack of food! If you're feeling brave, have already eaten your lunch, and are able to effectively control your gag reflex, check out The Worst College Food in America.

We want to hear from you! Are you a student at one of these schools? Ever sampled the grub at any of these places? Leave us a note below with the dirty details.

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