World's Wildest Dining

A whimsical who's who of the world's wackiest restaurants

Have a red neck feast at New York City's Trailer Park Lounge.

Ever wonder how the last meal on the Titanic tasted? Want nothing more than to chow down on a plate of hot wings while waiting for a load of whites to dry? Do you dare to dine suspended 150 feet up in the air?

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Our list of the world's quirkiest restaurants explores the weirdest and wildest restaurants across the globe designed to indulge guests' wackiest whims.

For those unrelenting in their pursuit of a culinary adventure, these restaurants offer a delusion of delights that engage every sense and open the mouth and mind to imagination unrestricted by reality. From the fun, colorful fairylands of Disney princesses and Hello Kitty to the freakier fetishes of prisons, hospitals, and cannibalism, diners will embark on a gastronomic acid trip through the world's most idiosyncratic establishments where mundane meals are guaranteed to never be on the menu.

Dodge flying chickens in Bangkok or shake things up with a natural disaster in Spain. Cuddle up with kittens in Tokyo cafés or brave the cold with a fur-trimmed parka at an ice bar in Finland. When it comes time for eating, guests will be treated to a meal that combines both flavor and fantasy.


Expect singing, dancing, nudity, good food, and waitstaff that are intentionally rude if even human. At the world's quirkiest restaurants, anything is possible and even the sky is not the limit.