The World's First Test-Tube Burger

Heston Blumenthal will cook up the $329,950 patty
The World's First Test-Tube Burger

A Dutch scientist is giving a whole new meaning to the concept of mystery meat. The Guardian in London reported this weekend that Dr. Mark Post, a stem cell scientist from the University of Maastricht is working on creating the first ever lab-grown burger.

The patty is made from minced bovine muscles and fat stem cells that are processed to look and taste just like the real thing — and with a price tag of $329,950, this better be one heck of a burger.

Post and his colleagues are continuing to tweak their final product with the hopes of having it ready for a public unveiling in October. Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has been tapped to cook the burger for a guest who will be chosen by the project's primary funder.

The goal of this research is reportedly aimed at taking on the issue of sustainable practices with regards to livestock farming. With the ever-growing rates in demands for meat, Post has high hopes that his innovative research will offer a usable alternative in the very near future.