World's First Self-Chilling Can Actually Works

The can's temperature reportedly drops 30 degrees in 3 to 5 minutes

West Coast Chill

Super-fast chilling technology has been around for a while, but behold the very first self-chilling soda can. A new energy drink (sugar- and caffeine-free) called West Coast Chill claims that their cans can drop 30 degrees in three minutes — just turn the can upside down and push a button. 

"We take reclaimed CO2 that's out there in the atmosphere and we inject the gaseous COs into the activated carbon," CEO Mitchell Joseph told ABC. "Once you push the button down, it starts pulling heat from the beverage and dissipating it out through the bottom of the can."

ABC field-tested and taste tested the beverage. And the verdict? "I gotta be honest, that's not good," ABC's Bill Weir says in their video. "Was I supposed to shake it?"

The can's technology did work, though, and ABC found out that their first batch was shipped from a factory in London, instead of West Coast Chill's own factory in California.

The real energy drinks from California are reportedly much better than described in the video, so if you're curious, the self-refrigerating can will hit Las Vegas and Southern California in late March for $4.