Woman Arrested for Stealing $250 Worth of Cheesecake From Nuns

A woman allegedly stole $250 from the Nuns of New Skete gift shop

The Nuns of New Skete make famous cheesecakes.

The Nuns of of New Skete are renowned for their cheesecakes. But no matter how tempting a cheesecake is, it is extremely bad manners to steal from nuns. Now one Vermont woman has reportedly been arrested on two counts of petit larceny for allegedly stealing $250 worth of cheesecakes from the nuns.

The Nuns of New Skete live in a monastery in White Creek, New York. They sell their famous cheesecakes on Goldbely for $49 and up. They also have a gift shop at their monastery, where people can buy cheesecakes and other products on the honor system, because the nuns believe in the goodness of their fellow human beings. All the cakes are laid out in the gift shop and there is nobody there to supervise them. People who want cakes are just expected to fill out a sign-in sheet and leave the payment for their cakes in a dropbox.

The nuns put up security cameras, though, because sometimes people disappoint them.


According to ABC News 10, a 45-year-old woman from Arlington, Vt., was reportedly captured on cameras stealing several cakes and pastries on October 18. Last week the embarrassed woman and her 21-year-old daughter turned themselves into police. The cakes were worth $250, and the mother was charged with two counts of petit larceny. She could have saved herself a lot of trouble and embarrassment by checking out these 11 cheesecake recipes you have to try instead.