Woman Kills Boyfriend with Blowfish Poison

A woman says her boyfriend died after eating blowfish poison
Wikimedia/Brocken Inaglory

A woman says her boyfriend died after accidentally eating her blowfish poison-laced yogurt.

Blowfish is a delicacy in some places, but it is also an extremely toxic poison that was recently used to kill a young man in China.

According to Shanghaiist, the prime suspect in the young man’s death is a 33-year-old woman surnamed Xiao, but she claims it was actually an accident. She told police she had been planning on killing herself with poisoned yogurt, but her boyfriend took her yogurt from the refrigerator and died instead.

According to Xiao’s story, she bought the puffer fish poison on the Internet for 5,000 yuan, or about $805, because she had heard that it was the least painful way to die. She mixed up the poison with yogurt and sleeping pills and said she left it in the refrigerator while she prepared to give her boyfriend a foot massage. During the massage, however, he complained about dizziness, and she realized he drank half her yogurt.

Xiao said that instead of calling the police, she decided to take the rest of the poison herself. According to her story, she passed out from the blowfish poison and woke up later to realize her boyfriend had died. Then she waited a week before calling the police.

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The police were not convinced by Xiao’s story, in part because she reportedly posted on an Internet message board to ask if it was better to commit suicide or call the police after killing someone. Xiao has been charged with attempted murder for mixing the blowfish poison into the yogurt and for not calling the police as soon as she realized he had eaten it.