Will Ferrell Will Cook You Dinner If You Vote

Staff Writer
Or so he promises in this viral Obama ad
Will Ferrell

When Will Ferrell isn't traipsing around Milwaukee hawking Old Milwaukee beer and doing manly things like catching fish with his bare hands, he's asking you to vote. He'll even dance for you and cook you dinner (dinner and a show anyone?).

While other celebrities promoting voting for President Obama may just spout off patriotic sentiments and be all poetic, Will Ferrell's ad is true to his quirky form. He dances for a hot second, offers to eat toenails, promises a dinner of angel hair pasta, and even considers eating garbage, if only to get you to vote. So if you haven't had a chance to get to your local polls yet, you probably should. He might (but probably won't) follow up on the offer.

Watch the shenanigans below, at least to see Ferrell dance in a smoking jacket and stache, all while promising to hit himself in the face if you vote.

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