Will Ferrell, Ryan Gosling Sell Samurai Knives to Help You with That Flan

They showed up on Jimmy Kimmel's show as the 'Knife Guys'

If we were ever to buy a samurai sword to cut through flan, it would definitely be from Ryan Gosling.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling made a surprise appearance as the Knife Guys, hosting a QVC knife show. "Knifers only a few of these beauties left," Ferrell hawks. "Say hello to the nonstick razor steel samurai stab master 2200."

The demo then involves slicing through hard-to-slice items, like flan, warm butter ("This thing literally cuts through warm butter like it's warm butter",) cookie dough, cotton candy, and chocolate milk ("you're always gonna slice chocolate milk"). And guess who brings out the chocolate milk? Noted should-have-been Sexiest Man Alive Ryan Gosling. Swoon.

Watch below as Ferrell does his best to messily slice potato chips, Gosling shoots dirty looks at Kimmel, and Kimmel tries to get them off his stage. Ferrell pops up at 0:49, Gosling at 2:45 (looking sexy despite, or maybe because of, killer protective glasses), and the samurai swords are $79.99.