Why You Should Be Eating More Bugs

The Food and Agriculture Association explains the health benefits of consuming insects

Should you be eating more bugs? The Food and Agricultural Association (FAO) says yes.

In a recent report released by the FAO earlier this month, it was found that the health benefits of eating insects may be large enough to convince more people to start incorporating them into their daily diets. Along with several their high nutriontal value, the study found that there are also environmental, social, and economic benefits to consuming more insects.

The study released on Monday revealed that the protein content found in insects versus the protein found in raw meat was much higher. With popular bugs like crickets, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and termites competing with beef for less fat and more protein per gram, consuming insects might become a popular dietary option. In addition to their high levels of protein, insects also provide a balanced diet with high levels of calcium and iron.


Eating insects may not be as uncommon as you think, though. Most cultures believe that Western cultures are missing out by not consuming insects. In Colombia, a popular delicacy is hormiga culona, which are ants that are salted and toasted and sold street food. Eastern cultures also have a rich history in insect related delicacies, like Indonesia’s dragonflies boiled in coconut milk with ginger.