Why Aren't Chocolate Dessert Nachos Everywhere by Now?


Taco Bell may have launched their churro desserts, but that's probably not on the same level as El Pollo Loco's new chocolate dessert nachos — this menu item just might be up there with Doritos Locos Taco.

According to the nutrition info, these seasonal nachos consist of fried chocolate flour tortillas, topped with a chocolate fudge sauce, marshmallow cream, and powdered sugar. LA Weekly searched far and wide for these hybrid desserts, pronouncing the dish a guilty pleasure. "The chips have a nice crunch and aren't too sweet. But sugar shock enters the picture with the toppings: marshmallow 'crème' and fudge sauce (described on the TV ad as melted Mexican chocolate), generously drizzled over the chips. Then there's a sprinkling of powdered sugar," LA Weekly writes.


The whole dish is some 1,120 calories per serving, for $3.99 a plate. And while this may just be a seasonal creation, we can only imagine the possibiltiies with dessert nachos; Epic Meal Time produced some disturbingly gut-busting candy nachos, but a dusting of cinnamon and some caramelized apples? We're sold.