Whoopi Goldberg on the New York City Wine & Food Festival, the One Thing She Cooks, and Having an 'EGOT'

The entertainer will be hosting this year’s Chicken Coupe at the NYCWFF

Goldberg poses with chef Art Smith.

Whoopi Goldberg is one of the most famous people alive, and nowadays is one of the hosts of ABC’s The View. The comedienne will be hosting the Chicken Coupe on the second night of this year’s New York City Wine & Food Festival, Oct. 18, where more than 20 chefs will showcase their take on crispy chicken, paired with sides and champagne.

After filling in for Rachael Ray at the Burger Bash several years ago, she got the idea for a new event and pitched it to festival founder Lee Schrager. "I told Lee that there needed to be the same event for fried chicken and I needed to host," Goldberg told us.

So what’s she looking forward to at the event? "Fried chicken, music, fried chicken, fun, fried chicken, lots of great folks, and fried chicken," she said. "And hopefully some potato chips."

While she’s admittedly "not a foodie" and couldn’t picture herself as a chef in another life, she "can appreciate a foodie," and there is one meal that she cooks every year: "I cook one thing, a big ole’ Thanksgiving dinner," she added. "My turkey is killer."


And as for being one of only 11 people to have an "EGOT" (an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony)? "I don’t go home and think 'I got an EGOT,' but I love people telling me I have it," she confessed.