Whole Foods Product Review: Tzatziki

A cool, refreshing dip for your favorite vegetables, crackers, and sandwiches

Whole Foods' tzatziki is everything you want in a dip. It's light, fresh, and creamy with bursts of flavor in every bite. The crispness from the chunks of cucumber balances the hints of garlic and dill, and the taste lingers in your mouth, begging you for more. Since every bite is packed with flavor, you don’t need to scoop too much dip for every taste; one small container can last through cocktail hour.

This tzatziki dip would complement a variety of fresh vegetables, creating a healthy, flavorful snack or appetizer. If you have crackers on hand instead, dip away. You could also spread this tzatziki onto pita bread or a wrap to punch up your everyday sandwich. And if you're craving more tzatziki for dinner, grill up some lamb patties and spread the tzatziki on this delicious Greek-themed lamb burger