Whole Foods Product Review: Late July White Chocolate Mini Cookies

A sad replacement for milk’s favorite cookie

The mini white chocolate Late July cookies, available exclusively at Whole Foods, are an environmentally friendly, animal-loving, healthier version of mini Oreos. It seems like a no brainer. But one whiff of these faux-Oreo cookies will have you running for the real thing. These cookies have a thin layer of white chocolate sandwiched between two round chocolate cookies, each printed with a face of a different endangered animal.

These mini sandwich cookies may educate, but they definitely do not satisfy. The white chocolate is nearly tasteless (maybe they should have opted for double stuffed) and the chocolate-flavored cookies leave behind a chalky, cocoa-powdery aftertaste.


Despite the failure on the flavor front, Late July does succeed in promoting a good cause. It advertises that 10 percent of profits are donated to the Jane Goodall Institute, in an effort to help protect the endangered animals featured on the cookies. In the end, however, you’re better off sending a check straight to the Institute instead of paying for a box of these disappointing cookies.