Whole Foods Product Review: Garlic Hummus

Bland and pasty, this hummus is at the bottom of our list

Whole Foods has a long list of delicious healthy snacks, but their garlic hummus doesn’t make the cut.

Although garlic is in the name, it’s a struggle to identify any garlic flavoring in this dip. Instead, an off-putting citrus flavor takes over, smothering the garlic, sea salt, and sesame tahini that Whole Foods claims is in the recipe. Aside from the uncomfortable burst of citrus, the hummus is bland and not enjoyable to eat.

In addition to taste, texture is a very important aspect of any good hummus. Unfortunately, Whole Foods’ hummus is a thick and pasty, not soft and creamy like other versions. Turn the container upside down and the hummus doesn’t budge. Not exactly our idea of an appetizing hummus dip. If you’re in a bind, try adding a glug or two of extra-virgin olive oil to the hummus and mix it up to add some creaminess.


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