Whole Foods Product Review: Con Queso Dip

This cheese does not please

Whole Food’s organic queso dip started by getting the name wrong, and kept going from there. It’s billed as “Con Queso Dip,” which doesn’t make sense — Con Queso translates to “With Cheese”. So we found ourselves asking: this dip is what "with cheese?" Judging by the flavor (or lack thereof), the answer seems to be: nothing.

Let’s back up a bit. Before you even taste the dip, you’ll notice its funky texture. It’s mysteriously chunky and paste-y, with unknown bits scattered throughout. The color is an unappetizing off-white hue. When heated and melt-y, the dip has an oddly airy and whipped consistency. Scooped cold onto a spoon and dangled upside-down, the queso clings to the end of the utensil in gelatinous globs.

All of this should serve as a signifier of the dip’s equally unappetizing taste. Actually, it’d be more accurate to describe this queso as mystifyingly absent of any flavor whatsoever. Expecting the typical cheesy explosion as I bit into my queso-laden cracker, I was met instead with an unsettling warm, chunky, bland substance.

It may be organic, but anyone looking to indulge in some pure, melted cheese is also probably willing to forego the marginal benefits of organic ingredients in favor of superior flavor and texture. We’ll take even the bright-yellow, totally artificial liquid nacho cheese over this stuff, any day.