Whole Foods Product Review: 365 Organic Cheese Crackers

Sophisticated alternative to classic cheesy vending machine fare

Most Cheez-Its lovers are devoted fans, loyal to the brand and unwilling to accept substitutes. For those who are willing to sacrifice a little flavor and grease for a healthier cracker, the array of options can be simultaneously overwhelming and unsatisfying.

We’re going to help you out by pointing you to perhaps the best Cheez-Its alternative around: Whole Foods’ 365 Organic Cheese Crackers. The name makes it sound like these crackers will taste just like any other “health-ified” Cheez-It, but don’t let it fool you.

These crackers are a little denser and have a slightly stronger bite than a typical Cheez-It cracker, making them taste more substantial, filling and “real.” They won’t leave the greasy film of cheese in your mouth that the original crackers will, but they still have a strong, tasty cheese flavor that comes close to that of original Cheez-Its, while also tasting somehow more sophisticated and well-rounded. They taste fresh and almost homemade — not at all like something you would grab out of a vending machine, but rather more like something you would offer to guests as an hors d’oeuvre.

In fact, these crackers are perfect for snacking: at a reasonable 130 calories for 30 crackers, they fit easily into a diet and won’t leave you hungry, and they pair well with many types of dip, as well (another place where these crackers’ sturdier form gives them a leg up on the non-organic brand!).

Don’t be afraid to hop off the Cheez-Its bandwagon and give these organic munchies a try — you might just be surprised at how much they’ll test your loyalty!