Who Eats the Most Meat in the World?

The Economist crunched some numbers on meat consumption around the world, and found that Luxembourg eats the most meat
What Country Eats the Most Meat?

What Country Eats the Most Meat?

If you thought Americans were meat-loving carnivores due to the obesity problem that everyone is talking about, you thought wrong.

The Economist analyzed data from the U.N. Food And Agriculture Organization, and it turns out the country that eats the most meat is Luxembourg, a country Lonely Planet describes as "too small for its full name to fit on most European maps."

According to the data, Luxembourg residents eat an average of 136.5 kg (about 300 pounds) of meat a year.

But don't fear! The United States of America ranked as number two, with residents chowing down on 125.4 kg (276 pounds) of meat a year.

The country that eats the least meat? India, whose residents consume 3.2 kg of meat on average a year.