White Castle Testing Veggie Sliders

Vegetarians will be able to enjoy White Castle Sliders

White Castle is currently testing a vegetarian version of its famous sliders.

The vegetarians of the world might be getting a new reason to eat at White Castle, because the chain is testing a vegetarian version of their signature sliders.

According to Foodbeast, the new “Veggie Sliders” come topped with an avocado ranch dressing, and they will be available for a limited time at certain White Castle locations throughout the test. The vegetable sliders are 99 cents apiece, and the patties are reportedly sourced from Dr. Praeger’s, a New Jersey-based purveyor of all-natural frozen foods. 

According to Brand Eating, the 180-calorie vegetarian sliders are actually “pretty good.”


Many of the sliders eaten during the filming of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle were actually veggie sliders, because actor Kal Penn, who played Kumar, is a vegetarian. If this new test goes well, vegetarians who are not famous Hollywood actors might soon be able to fulfill their White Castle cravings as well.