Japan’s Coolest New Food Pairing is Pocky and Whiskey

Japan’s incredibly popular stick candy now pairs with whiskey

Japan's new "Adult Amber" Pocky is candy designed to be eaten with a straight glass of high-quality whiskey. 

Pocky, the chocolate-coated stick candy, is extremely popular with kids in Japan and around the world, and adults like it too. Now adults are getting their own, special Pocky that is meant to accompany a glass of good whiskey, and grown-ups around the world just sat up and said, “Shut up and take my money!”

According to Rocket News 24, the Adult Amber Pocky is designed to be paired with a glass of straight, good-quality whiskey. Chocolate does go well with bourbon. Or Scotch. Or pretty much anything, because it’s chocolate.

The grown-up Pocky is coated with chocolate that is richer and more bitter than the ordinary sweet Pocky, and it smells like good whiskey. Even the stick has been updated. Instead of the normal Pocky pretzel, the adult version is made with malt extract and sprinkled with salt before being coated in the less-sweet, whiskey-scented chocolate.


The grown-up Pocky will be for sale on Amazon Japan as of October 25. Only 300,000 boxes will be available, though, and the last time Pocky tried a grown-up flavor, they sold out right away.