Where in the World Are… These Octopuses Hanging Out?

Think you can guess where this week’s travel photo comes from?

This week’s travel photo comes from a place where the water is blue, the parties last all night, and octopus (and all types of seafood, really) is a part of the daily diet. These guys are hanging out to dry before going being added to any number of delicious dishes typical to the region. Put your guesses for where these bites come from in the comments below or on Facebook, and check back next Friday for the big reveal.

Time to reveal last week’s mystery photo, too. These delicious-looking deep-fried delicacies are classic bolinhos from a botequim in Rio de Janeiro!

Think you have a great travel food photo that could stump us all? Upload it to Flickr (and tag us at The Daily Meal) and if it’s really tough, we’ll post it in a story like this one. 

(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Adam Polselli)