Where to Watch the Super Bowl in New York City

The best bars for Giants fan to visit this Sunday (plus one for a Pats fan, too)

New York City football fans are gearing up to cheer on their team and they need a place to do it. If watching the Super Bowl at a friend's house isn't an option, Giants fans are going to need a place where they can relate to their own kind, somewhere to cheer players on (or yell at the ref), somewhere they can drink beer, and, most importantly, somewhere with TVs. In short: The perfect sports bar for Super Bowl Sunday.

Of course, perfection is a moving target. From the hyper-trendy Ainsworth that caters to the New York socialite-who-happens-to-be-a-football-fan to the anything-but-fancy Jack Russell’s pub, each of these spots appeals to their own brand of fan.  Because no matter how much or little you care about football, when your team makes the Super Bowl, you have to come out and support!

East End Bar & Grill

This spacious fixture on the Upper East Side is a meeting ground for all those die-hard Giants fans above 42nd Street. The deals here are not to be missed, with specials like $3 mugs of imported beer and absurdly cheap burgers and wings.


The Hill

Somewhat trendier than your father’s basement/wet bar where you used to watch the game, The Hill has 25 HDTVs, two floors, and two bars to go with them. Enjoy the slightly upscale food menu and see how much fun it is to be an adult… that still yells at the TV.


Jack Russell’s Pub

This bar gets the best parts of new-school and old-school right, with antique New York sports paraphernalia lining the walls alongside 13 HDTVs and 10 booths with personal televisions. And for those who need to keep occupied while waiting for the next round of commercials, there’s also a pool table to make use of. 


Ocean’s 8

Even if you are in Brooklyn, trust that there will be somewhere to catch the game. That place is Ocean’s 8 Sports Bar, located in Prospect Heights. This not-kidding-around sports bar boasts 30 HDTVs, two of which big enough to make a small house from, and a selection of 24 beers in addition to their full bar. As an added bonus, once the combination of beer and football starts to make you believe you are an athlete, too, you can roam around to any of the six ping pong tables, 30 pool tables, and two bowling alleys to demonstrate why you should be out on the gridiron.