Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Boston

The best bars for the big game

You could argue that Boston is home to some of the best sports bars in the world (in fact, according to Sports Illustrated, it has the best one in America). The sports bars here hit all the marks — generally offering an unfussy, friendly atmosphere, ever-flowing pints, and a 100 percent focus on sports. At places like Coolidge Corner Clubhouse and The Fours, these admirable traits are all perfectly executed, making for an ideal space to watch the big game.


The Four's

There are many things you could say about The Four's. For example, that it’s one of the oldest sports bars in America, or that it features more than 200 different pieces of sports memorabilia on its walls. Not enough to convince you that this is where you should go to root on the Pats on Super Bowl Sunday? How about this: Sports Illustrated rated The Four's as the best sports bar in America.


Boston Beer Works

If you’re as interested in beer as you are in the big game itself, Boston Beer Works has you covered — the spot carries anywhere from 12 to 15 of their own brews at any given time. Food? Well, not to brag, but Boston Beer Works’ wings have been rated best in the city. And as for atmosphere, the bar is known throughout town as a place where Boston sport-o-philes are genuinely welcome.


Jake n Joe’s


This South Boston bar is an easy choice for Tom Brady fans, with rows and rows of TVs designated to beam out the game on Super Bowl Sunday. Not to mention they offer everything from cheap, plentiful beers to a selection of their own brews on tap.