Where to Watch a Game In Houston

The best sports bars of Houston

It's crucial to find out where the best sports bars of Houston are (after all, this is a state dedicated to football and other pro sports). The best places to watch a game: 

The Mezzanine Lounge

"It's...a good spot to drop in on once in a while when you need a conveniently located place to eat bar food and watch a game without being annoyed by the people around you," says the Houston Press when including the bar in its own roundup of best sports bars. Which, really, what more do you need from a sports bar? With more than 30 TVs, pool tables, a juke box, and as many drink specials as there are games on, you're set for game day. 

SRO Sports Bar & Cafe

You're hardpressed to not get a good seat in front of a TV at SRO. Plus, we appreciate the airy atmosphere (nothing sucks more than being crowded while trying to watch a game), and a beer list a mile long. 

PJ's Sports Bar

"A small, friendly neighborhood bar located in the Montrose Area," PJ's is known for three things: kareoke (yes, really), Football Sundays, and Steak Night. Yeah, that's $27.50 for two steaks, two potatoes, and two pitchers of beer. 

Griff's Houston


It should be no surprise to see Griff's on the list, as it usually earns the top spot on every sports bar ranking in Houston. Why does it reign above all? It's the oldest sports bar (born in 1965), it's a neighborhood institution (thanks to its involvement in St. Patrick's Cathedral and its St. Patty's Day festivities), and it's home to $1 Lone Stars. With 25 beers on the list, plus an extensive food menu, you shouldn't be anywhere else.