When It Comes To Dining Out, Most People Don't Care About Celeb Chef Status

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Readers weigh in on how famous chefs influence the restaurant choices
Thomas Keller
Wikimedia Commons/Brett Wilson

Thomas Keller

As the culinary industry continues to makes its way into mainstream popular culture (think chef-focused television shows holding prime spots on major networks, like Hell's Kitchen and ABC's upcoming daytime talk show, The Chew.) it's no wonder that the elite members of the industry would gain celebrity status.

These days you're even seeing some star culinary icons make guest appearances in shows, movies, and books that are not even directly related to food. But does the celebrity status of a chef actually influence people when they're choosing where to dine out? We asked readers for their thoughts.

In an unexpected turn of events, a whopping 72 percent of people voted that a chef's celebrity status does not affect which restaurants they choose at all. It's a surprising result, one contrary to the notion that people are naturally drawn to fame and prestige, particularly when it comes to celebrities. In fact, only five percent of participants reported that they are strongly influenced by how well-known the chef is when they're choosing a restaurant to dine at. The remaining 23 percent of the votes accounted for people who feel moderately swayed by the star quality of the chef.

Does the celebrity status of a chef influence the restaurants you choose dine at? Join in the conversation by commenting below.

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