Which One Food Could You Eat For the Rest of Your Life?

Nine Southern chefs weigh in on the desert island question
Fried chicken from one of the South's best new places for it: Cardamom Hill (Atlanta).
Arthur Bovino

Cheeseburger at Holeman and Finch Public House in Atlanta.

It’s a desert island question to be sure. In the same vein as having to choose the one book, album, or film that you’d be happy to have if it was the only one you’d ever have access to as long as you were stranded: What's the one food you could eat the rest of your life?

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It’s a pretty personal question. And for chefs, people who are used to having access to all kinds ingredients, to tasting and experiencing a world of flavors, and dishes in categories both comforting and haute cuisine, you’d think it would be even more difficult to answer.

In advance of the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, nine of its participating chefs – some of the South’s best – answered this question. From Anthony Lamas and Kelly English, to Sean Brock and David Guas, cheeseburgers to chicken and dumplings, here’s what these chefs said they’d be thrilled to eat if it was the only thing they could for the rest of their lives.

Which one food could you eat the rest of your life? Comment below!


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