Would Emily Post Send an Evite?

How to navigate the world of social media with class

Emily Post

Have you ever sat at your computer staring at a Facebook friend request wondering what on Earth was the most polite way to handle not having to be friends with the person requesting to be friends with you? What about — gulp — defriending someone on Facebook?

Do the ins and outs of social norms on Twitter give you a headache?

Have you ever debated in your head the appropriateness of sending an Evite to a party, over a real live invitation made of paper? Or wondered when it’s appropriate to cc someone on an email — or better yet! — bcc someone on an email?

Don’t you ever find yourself wishing Emily Post were still around today to tell us what to do?

Well, she is! (Sorta.)

This month, a new edition of Emily Post’s Etiquette was released (the first new edition in seven years!), updated to reflect our new society of social networking and smartphones. I’m so excited to pick up my own copy. Like, super nerd excited.

It got me thinking: Couldn’t we use a little more Emily Post in our lives?

Up first: Would Emily Post send an Evite? The answer is: Yes! Click through to see a few potential snags to be aware of and some of the best practices to follow.

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