What We're Loving: Volére’s Wine Purse

Yes, a wine-filled handbag

It can be hard to be original when giving a gift, especially when you're short on time and cash. It's for that reason, as well as many others, that we decided to start the What We’re Loving series — to make hosting, gifting, and partying an easier and more enjoyable experience for our readers. 

The idea of bringing a bottle of wine to someone’s home is always a kind gesture, but rather than stick it in a tall gift bag, why not thing outside the bag and go for a box? When we came across Volére’s handbag wines we thought, wait — a box that's also a bag? While the boxed wine trend continues to elevate, this brand thought to heighten the idea even more and create something that is ideal for every girl’s night out — wine in a purse. 

Each "quilted handbag" made from recycled paper holds two bottles worth of wine in its fashionable grip. Throw the shoulder bag — which comes in pinot noir, pinot grigio, or rosé — over your shoulder, pop the spout, and pour some chic sips to enjoy together.