What We're Loving: Target's Back to College Collection

Staff Writer
Going back to school made easy

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Make sure your college student has everything he or she needs before going back to school.

When kids go off to college, often all they can think about are the tailgates, fraternity parties, and late nights that they have to look forward to, and things like bedding, storage, and décor can take a back seat to all of the social events to attend and new friends to make. Target’s Back to College simplifies this for families sending their kids to school, making it easy to get all your shopping done in one trip and to keep stress at a minimum.

The website is broken down into specific categories for bath, bedding, electronics, décor, dining, storage, and even school spirit so it’s easy to navigate and ensures that everything on your list gets checked off. With reasonably priced, stylish products, Target makes sure that not only will your child be just fine on their own in college life but that it will be easy for them, too. And products like their Sakar Portable 12-Can Mini Fridge and the Emerson Stainless Steel Urban Microwave might even convince them to cook for themselves (might being the imperative word, here).

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Target’s collection aims to maximize dorm space and make sure that your child has everything he or she needs come September, making the college process all the more stress-free and fun.