What We're Loving: NatureBox

Healthy snacking made easy

In a world where snacking is one of the premier causes of childhood obesity and the typical American ingests 25 percent of their calories from snacks, it is safe to say it’s time to put down the potato chips and pick up something a little healthier.

Keep your hunger at bay and feel great about yourself by signing up for NatureBox, a company that will send you a monthly package filled with healthy, delicious snacks that you can eat guilt-free. All of the food is nutritionist-approved and all-natural to ensure that you are making beneficial eating decisions instead of mindlessly munching on junk. Additionally, NatureBox not only donates funds to WhyHunger, an organization dedicated to solving the issues of poverty and hunger, but also sends their products to summer meal programs for low-income children and emergency food providers, making snacking through their service something you can truly feel good about doing.

NatureBox allows you to cancel or pause your delivery at any time, but with snacks like Italian Bistro Pretzels, Dark Cocoa Almonds, and Cinnamon Spice Granola, we doubt you’ll want to.


Available for $19.95 per month.