What We’re Loving: Wine for a Wedding’s Classic Trio

Celebrate the happy couple by toasting them with a milestone collection

For any couple — especially newlyweds — celebrating your wedding anniversary is a big-to-do. While there certainly is a rule of thumb when gifting to your husband or wife (i.e. paper on your first anniversary, china on your 20th, etc.), when gifting a couple that’s close to you, there’s plenty of room for creativity.

Wine for a Wedding has created a stellar idea for newlyweds who just happen to be oenophiles. With a detailed yet easy process, you can select a series of three wines that will ultimately be enjoyed on milestone anniversaries: the first, the fifth, and the 10th.

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Not only have they curated various packages that are assembled to age well for future tasting, but they arrive in boxes that are engraved with each year they’re meant to be enjoyed and a personalized message from the sender (you!)