What We’re Loving: Williams-Sonoma’s Fall Pie Molds

Because full-sized pies were so 2011

The great thing about fall, aside from the start of holiday season and the acceptable use of cashmere obviously, is that it’s pie season.

Yes, there are summer pies — blueberry, cherry, etc. — but they don’t hold a candle to the pies of autumn: pumpkin, pecan, apple, sweet potato — the list is just drool-worthy. 

In any case, while we all love pie, not everyone can agree on their favorite flavor. Solve the problem by making mini pies so people have options and there isn’t a plethora of pie leftovers. 

Williams-Sonoma is one step ahead of us. The gourmet housewares haven has a collection of mini pie molds, as well as fall pie cutters in acorn, leaf, pumpkin, and turkey shapes to make them extra festive — how fitting.

So roll out some dough and get working on those fillings because we’re having a pie party.