What We’re Loving: Weatherproof Picnic Speakers

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What We’re Loving: Weatherproof Picnic Speakers
These speakers complete the outdoor party scene.

These speakers may blend a little bit TOO well!

You have the delectable picnic menu, the blanket, the umbrella, and the good company all taken care of. Now, complete the perfect picnic with background music, courtesy of this Rock Sounder Weatherproof Wireless Outdoor Speaker from Brookstone. It’s cleverly disguised as granite rocks so it blends seamlessly into the background, making this portable device perfect for any outdoor scene, whether it is a picnic or outdoor summer BBQ.

These speakers don’t need fussy wires, and each is even equipped with a mood light for added nighttime party fun. Listen for up to seven hours on a single charge from up to 150 feet away, The Rock Sounder can be played with the built-in rechargeable battery, or plugged into any wall outlet (an adapter is included for convenience), making it easy to connect to a stereo, iPod, or even a TV. We will definitely be jamming out with these clever and fun speakers this summer, and for a reasonable price of about $129.99!

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So get partying, and add some music to the scene with the Rock Sounder.