What We’re Loving: Sweet’s 'Sweet-In' Ben Affleck Cupcakes

Let’s celebrate Oscars Sunday with a bite out of gorgeous Ben, shall we?

Let’s face it: Ben Affleck owns this year’s awards season. The media’s obsession with the adorable PDA moments between him and wife Jennifer Garner, the fact that he was snubbed for a Best Director nomination by the Academy Awards, and oh yeah, the fact that he’s swept every awards show so far has everyone in a tailspin.

Boston cupcake spot Sweet feels Affleck’s pain, too. So they gave him an honor of their own: a cupcake. While the bakery has a great selection of Oscar-themed sweets, with cake toppers including golden statues, mini tuxedos, and sidewalk stars, our favorites by far are the Affleck toppers — choose your favorite Affleck topper and take a nice big bite out of the cupcake when Argo nabs Best Picture, because you can be sure he will.

In addition, this Saturday and Sunday all Sweet stores will have Oscar ballots where customers can fill out their predictions, and after Sunday's telecast, the contest participants who have the most correct entries will receive 24 (to reflect the number of award categories) cupcakes of their choice to be delivered to the location of their choice within Boston and Cambridge on Tuesday, Feb. 26.


A bite out of Ben Affleck and a possible prize of two dozen cupcakes? Sounds like a win-win situation to us!