What We’re Loving: New Swarovski Stemware Collection

Add a little bling to your wedding day toast

Your wedding day is sure to be one to remember, and many go all-out when planning their weddings because they're once-in-a-lifetime celebrations, so you should treat them as such. 

As you prepare to celebrate your upcoming Facebook status change, be prepared to be toasted. From the rehearsal dinner to the wedding reception to the brunch the next day, your family and friends will be toasting you and your better half the whole way through — and we think you should toast in style. 

Swarovski, known for its elegant crystal and embellished accessories, has created the Crystalline Stemware collection, including champagne flutes, wine glasses, and cocktail glasses. 

The stemware on its own screams for an elegant affair and a special occasion. The stems are filled with Swarovski crystals, adding a dynamic element to the pieces and taking them from casual and simple to trend-setting and chic. 

Celebrate your occasions with a hint of sparkle with these glasses — it will make the day that much better.