What We’re Loving: Pimlott & Co.’s Party Crackers

Set your tables with these whimsical delights filled with surprises

In recent years, inspiration boards like Pinterest, Tumblr, and lover.ly have provided endless ideas for ways to create beautiful party decorations at home. But while there are some things that are certainly achievable at your arts and crafts table, there are others that would be better left to the pros, like party crackers. 

What’s a party cracker, you ask? With roots in Great Britain, they act as both party favors and table decorations. The poppers are made from gorgeous wrapping paper and cardboard and are filled with trinkets of all kinds, usually a paper crown or party hat, a joke, and a sweet treat or novelty gift. 

Making a beautiful party cracker is an art, since each one must be decorative and detailed. When we came across these crackers from California-based Pimlott & Co., we fell in love. Festive, inviting, and whimsical, they are customized for any occasion, from baby showers to Thanksgiving. 

Pimlott & Co.'s crackers are handmade from 100 percent recycled paper, and the Thanksgiving ones pictured contain an individually wrapped maple leaf candy, a silly joke, a handmade party hat, and a novelty booklet, making them the perfect accessory for your Thanksgiving table.


The brand, comprised of two friends, artist Carin Garland and graphic designer Sandra Murray, was created to make products that bring joy to others — who can argue with that?