What We’re Loving: Pimlott & Co.’s Christmas Party Crackers

Spread the holiday cheer at your bash with these fun-filled crackers

As you know, we’re kind of obsessed with party crackers and how they can really bring a party to life.

Now, Pimlott & Co. is back with their Christmas crackers and we’re obviously hooked.

One hundred percent handmade, each cracker is filled to the brim with a little bit of whimsy and holiday cheer, and they help to add ambiance to a tablescape with their bold, festive colors.

Guests will love popping them open just before it’s time to eat and revel in the chance to have a little fun before the meal is served.

Each cracker contains an organic candy cane, a joke, a crown that matches its cracker, and a special prize — a tiny booklet of quotations, a Smarty Pants Portable Prediction Register, an Antsy Pants Compendium of Handy Social Exit Signals, a "Promise Keeper," or a small wishing charm.


The crackers come in three patterns: Mistletoe, Red Curly Cues, and Zig Zags. We’re setting the table with these and wearing our crowns proudly — take a cue from us!