What We’re Loving: Open Sky Kitchen’s Layer Cake Slicing Kit

Create the perfect — and even! — layer cake for any special occasion

I’m going to say it — I’ve earned the bragging rights after all of these years — I can make a damn good cake. I come from an entire family of bakers (my father, uncle, and grandfather are all in the business) and I’ve learned from the best, so I can say that it takes a lot of work to be a great baker.

With that said, making a "damn good cake" consists of multiple parts. Light-as-air sponge cake, irresistible fillings, and a fantastic presentation are what make a killer confection. No one wants an ugly cake or a terrible-tasting one for that matter.

Mastering a great sponge and filling can take time and serious effort, but presentation is easy to pull off — and it just got even easier. Create a photo shoot-worthy cake with a cake slicing kit from Open Sky, which includes a slicing knife, a cake lifter, and an adjustable layer mold. Your layers will be evenly proportioned and ready to be filled with whatever your heart desires.

If you’re asking the baker’s daughter — and I hope you are! — chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries is a crowd-pleasing filling.

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Now get to baking — there has to be something to celebrate, right?