What We’re Loving: Mr. Boddington's Studio Escort Card Collection

From formal to cheeky, find a design that is perfect for any group

We’ll admit that deciding to use formal table settings is becoming more and more unusual these days when it comes to party planning.

Sure, for weddings, galas, and elaborate events, a formal table is usually the norm, but for intimate dinner parties and roving-style soirées that have various stations and passed plates, things can get a bit relaxed.

Whatever you decide — formal or not — these adorable escort cards are ideal for any party large or small. Mr. Boddington’s Studio is renowned for its quirky and whimsical paper goods that are just as timeless. Whether you’re seating a party of five, 50, or 500, it’s nice to show your personality in everything that your guests will see — including the first thing when they walk in the door: the escort card.


Choose from classic choices like polka dots, laurels, and peony prints or more whimsical looks with peacocks, stars, and mustaches for you adventurous hosts and hostesses. Whatever you decide, you’ll be setting the bar pretty high when you set the table.