What We’re Loving: MamaMade’s Tree Saver Towels

Clean your kitchen — an d any surface of your house — with a roll of towels that’s eco-friendly

The debate over paper towels and kitchen towels is a long-standing one. While paper towels may not be the greenest cleaning outlet, they’re one-and-done and by throwing them away you leave any bacteria in the dust. With kitchen towels, you can wash and reuse them over and over, but how many uses is OK for one towel?

These tree saver towels from MamaMade, an eco-friendly home destination on Etsy, are perfect for those who stand in the middle. Made from 100 percent cotton and terrycloth, each towel is equipped with three snaps on each end and when snapped together, the towels create a paper towel-esque roll so that you can wash, roll, and reuse again.

You can customize your towel prints to add a little color to your kitchen. Each roll fits 12 towels. In honor of Earth Day, we’re really pushing toward a more eco-friendly kitchen in our own homes, and with smart brands like MamaMade, we’ll be able to achieve that goal.

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