What We’re Loving: LEIF’s Glitter Tart Servers and Cake Knives

Add a little sparkle to your holidays with these slicing stunners

Be prepared to stand out this holiday season. Go ahead and put your shades on, because these servers are insanely shiny. We don’t just love these, we need these. Nothing screams the holidays like a little sparkle and shine, and what better way to kick off the season than by slicing into sweet potato pie with one of these servers from LEIF?

These are the perfect gift for the entertainer in your life, so add it to your list as a stocking stuffer or a secret Santa gift or just get one for yourself — we're going to pick them up in both colors!

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These gold and silver cake knives and tart servers aren’t the only things that glitter from LEIF — salad spoons and a teaspoon set are also in their holiday lineup.