What We’re Loving: The Land of Nod’s 'What’s That Stand For' Stand

Because every kid needs a stand at more than one point in their playtime career

Watching our kids grow is a bittersweet thing. On the one hand, they’re growing up and they're not your babies anymore (although, they really always will be), and on the other hand, you’re watching them grow up. What a catch-22.

Now, while we get to enjoy them in the stage of playful fun when they're exploring the depths of their imagination, it’s only fair that they have the ideal playtime equipment. Behold the best stand ever. As The Land of Nod puts it, it’s "TBSWELOEO (which stands for "The Best Stand We've Ever Laid Our Eyes On"). And you know what? We have to agree.

Think about how many opportunities there are to use a stand as a kid — a theater, a market stand, a lemonade stand, a post office, a self-help stand à la Peanuts' Lucy (or maybe not).

In any case, push the boundaries of your child’s imagination and let them create whatever they want out of this stand. Teach them about fruits and veggies and money with a market stand, let them put on a puppet show with the theater, and like our dear video producer Ali Rosen, let them sell the hell out of lemonade in the hot summer heat to make extra ice cream money. Or if they really want to get imaginative, might we suggest putting their brother up for sale like Mary-Kate and Ashley? (Sorry, we had to.) 

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On that note, we have to say how reassuring it is to see classic toys and sets like this in a world that’s so tech driven for kids. We’ll keep this throwback, thank you very much.