What We’re Loving: The Curiosity Shoppe’s Placemats

Keep your guests wondering with an intriguing place setting

While putting menus at each place setting is great for a formal dinner party, for something more fun, keep guests in the dark about what’s coming to the table. The notion of curiosity can make for a theme for your party, and these intriguing placemats can help. 

These placemats from The Curiosity Shoppe at Target put the curious punctuation mark front and center. They're playful and whimsical, and allow you to build your décor and theme around just one, fun item.

To continue the sense of mystery, have guests wear eye masks and guess what each dish is or which ingredients it includes. At just $16 for a set of four, you can create an atmosphere of wonder even before you bring out the plates. 

Pieces from The Curiosity Shoppe, the brainchild of Lauren Smith and Derek Fagerstrom, are now available at the Shops at Target.