What We’re Loving — The Condiment Gun

Because conventional condiment bottles aren’t fun enough for your party

Add fun to the party with the condiment gun!

Looking to add some action to your party table? Consider replacing your conventional ketchup and mustard bottles with The Condiment Gun, and watch your guests suddenly go from dressing their dishes to attacking them with flavor. This fun and creative invention adds flare and excitement to eating — you may never go back to regular condiment bottles.
Each gun comes with two exchangeable three-ounce squirt bottles, making it easy to switch between ketchup, mustard, or any sauce of your choice. These devices are perfect for any barbecue, summer get-together, or just your family dinner table! Warning — pull the trigger carefully for precise dispensing — these guns have enough power to squirt straight across the room!

At only about $14.00 per gun, including two bottles, this is an affordable way to add spunk to your party, leaving your guests with something to talk about.  So get action-packed and add The Condiment Gun in your party-tool repertoire. Feeling crafty and want to make your own condiments? Check out The Daily Meal’s 5 Condiments You Can Make at Home.