What We’re Loving: Colette Paperie’s Food-Inspired Prints

Decorate your kitchen with these witty, colorful designs

A house is only a home when you work to make it that way.

Of course, love and shared memories between family members helps to create that homey feeling, but when it comes to the décor, it’s best to spend a good amount of time choosing the right pieces to make every room reflective of who you are as a couple, as a family, and who you are individually. 

In the kitchen, things can tend to get a little technical, with all of the equipment and appliances. Spruce things up with colorful dinnerware, flower arrangements, and some wall art. Like things a little cheeky? Us, too. That’s why we’re into the food-inspired prints from Minnesota-based paper brand Colette Paperie’s, a finalist in the Martha Stewart "American Made" contest. Their 8-by-10 prints are enough to make mouths water.

With a pop-art style, the graphics, which are pantone colored, can create a fun-filled atmosphere for you and your family, and definitely act as a conversation starter when friends visit.

To give you an idea, here are some of the sayings: 

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich that reads: "You Complete Me"
A bowl of fruit loops that reads: "In a world full of cornflakes, be a fruit loop."

Because everyone always ends up in the kitchen, use these prints to make it a warm and cozy place to gather,