What We’re Loving: Chalkology’s Chalkboard Coasters

Keep track of your beverage at your next bash

When the house is full of people, whether it is for a weekend trip, a cocktail party, or game night, it’s easy to misplace your cocktail or your cup of coffee. 

Although we enjoy wine rings and beer holders, what about something a bit more personalized? With these clever coasters, you can put your drink down next to a table full of other glasses and flutes and not worry about confusing it for someone else's. 

Made by Etsy brand Chalkology, these coasters let you and your guests keep tabs on your cocktails by simply signing your name in chalk. It will be fun for you and fun for your guests as well — especially those that don’t know each other, because the coasters can also act as a name tag or a way to pass along your digits if you make new friends. 

Leave a little bowl of chalk next to the coasters and guests will get the hint. When you’re not using all of the coasters, pass the time and play tic-tac-toe or hangman while sipping your drinks at home.