What We’re Loving: CB2’s Serving Trays

Perfect for a chef’s table, a small bites party, or just passed hors d’oeuvres

When hosting a large group of people, it’s essential to have the right tools — and we’re not just talking about cookware. While it's important to have everything you need in the kitchen, the perfect serving ware is just as crucial. Good serving ware that is usable for both everyday dinners and fancy parties is really great, especially if you’re short on space — and cash. 

Clean, white serving dishes are fantastic since they’re like a blank canvas that you can dress up or down depending on the occasion or a theme. And when you have pieces that can be put together to display your menu creatively, that’s an even bigger asset. 

CB2’s newest serving collection comes in various shapes and sizes and makes for a great look when all used together. Their L-shaped platters are great for mains and sides and can fit side by side, while fun dishes like soups or foods that are paired with dips can be stored on their sling server. As for dips and condiments — the slate server is ideal for showcasing all the options in one place. 


The best part about this entire collection is that it’s affordable, not to mention minimalistic, savvy, and just downright convenient.