What We’re Loving: CB2’s 'Hi' Lunch Bag

Keep the idea of mom’s lunch bag love notes going with this cheery tote bag

One of my best friends — who’s now 25, by the way — was renowned for receiving the ultimate love notes from her mom in her lunch bag back in our elementary school days. She was the only one at our table who got them, and I’m pretty sure we all begged our mothers to express themselves on our fruit snacks or carrot sticks, too.

Wherever her mom could find a little blank space — a napkin, the peel of a banana, on a Ziploc bag — she would always write a little something… every single day.

Though back then my friend pretended to be mortified, I know she secretly loved it. When I came across this lunch bag from CB2 I immediately thought of her. Its easy-carry handles and the gleeful emoticon print on the front make it the quintessential lunch love note of the 21st century.

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