What We’re Loving: Bridal Element’s Love Letter Ceramic Dishes

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Create a spread that speaks volumes with these adorable servers
Bridal Elements

We’re all about creating the ultimate spread, —whether it's be for hors’ d'oeuvres, desserts, or even a full entrée buffet., hHowever, when it’s for a special occasion — like a wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower — we’ve got a great décor idea that keeps giving to the couple post-big daygiving even after the party.

Using With these letter ceramic dishes, —create a sweet sentiment for the happy couple by spelling out their names with a heart in the middle, or just use their initials instead to get a bit whimsical with décor.

After the event, couples can use these dishes at home for cocktail parties and as starters during dinner parties. You can also order them in any letter you want and spell out a message. If you’re planning going more of a general occasion party, route like a birthday, —give the dishes as favors!

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Letter dishes are made of white ceramic. Each dish is ¾ of an inch” deep and 6 inches” tall. The dishes are available in letters A to -Z, along with ampersand , and heart shapes.