What We’re Loving: AVA Lounge’s Dream Pops

Staff Writer
Take a cue from the Manhattan lounge and make these pops a summer treat at your bash
AVA Lounge

When it comes to entertaining, no matter the season or occasion, it’s fun to get a little whimsical in your hosting ideas. Whether that means creating an outrageous dessert bar or pushing guests to explore different flavors or creating cocktails that push the boundaries, we’re all for it.

A cocktail trend that popped up at weddings and events last summer is moving a bit mainstream and has been picked up by AVA Lounge, a rooftop restaurant located atop Manhattan’s Dream Hotel. It’s called the Dream Pop.

A unique twist on your average summer cocktail, Dream Pops combine the refreshing flavors of ice pops and a crisp glass of white wine, champagne, or prosecco.

These frozen alcoholic ice pops are deliciously refreshing for the sizzling summer months, containing a variety of fruit juices, fresh berries, and white wine. Head over to AVA Lounge to try it for yourself — or make them at home with this great recipe!

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