What We’re Loving: Anthropologie’s Whimsical Dessert Plates

London Artist Pia Bramley brings her imagination to the final course

While we’ve discusses the topic of dinnerware, china, and serving ware—we haven’t stressed the fun aspect of choosing prints and patterns. 

You should always select a pattern, a color, or a print—whether outrageously bold or subtle and minimal, that reflects you and your home. With that said, when we saw these charming dessert plates from London artist Pia Bramley, we were hooked. We’re imaginative, we love the circus—boom, and it’s done. 

At Anthropologie, the reasoning behind Bramley’s whimsy is revealed: 

Inspired by the escapism, romance, scenery and secretiveness of the circus, London artist Pia Bramley illustrated these vignettes of costumed performers in their element.

These dessert plates, affordable and fun, make for great hostess gifts and holiday presents.